Australian Guernseys

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Animal Identification

The Guernsey Cattle Society of Australia Inc has introduced alternative methods of identification of animals from the 1st July 2005.


The means of identifying Guernsey cattle are either:

1)      Tattoo

2)      Photograph

3)      Use of the outside number of the NLIS tag – the first part of the number is the property identification number and the last 5 numbers identifies the animal.


Following the introduction of this change some Guernsey animals that need to be inspected for shows will not have a tattoo in their ear.The outside number of the NLIS tag will need to be read or a comparison of the animal to its photo will need to be done.


When entering a show, the exhibitor should state on the entry form if they are using the outside number on the NLIS tag or the tattoo in the animal’s ear or a photograph to identify that animal for showing purposes.


Members are advised to consider using either Option 1 or Option 2 above as a backup in case of tags falling out.